story – IS

The thumbnails version on the right shows Shaan eaten by a whale rather than carried by a storm and there are quite a few other changes, plus the story below covers the whole story, whereas the thumbnails are just for the first episode, things will evolve as I see/layoutget advice for improvements.

Scene 1

A night mare – Ivor’s Dream

  1. Paralysed by violent sheet lightning, imprisoned in the storms’ turbulent embrace, stunned and exhausted, “she is carried further and further away from what she knows”, in a trance of light and dark, flashes and thunder, a nightmare. medium shot
  2. The storm lasted for many days fighting for peace, needing to release its might, “a terrific and terrible storm raged across the world” ultra wide shot
  3. bringing a strange beast. close-up shot
  4. “Finally, after what seemed a lifetime, the feeling of solid ground beneath”, the cool calming sea lapping at her exhausted body, seaweed wound around her medium shot
  5. slowly opening her eyes she sees, a wide open beach. close-up shot
  6. Ivor awakes, eyes blink open looking at alarmed, but quickly realising it was a dream close-up shot
  7. “the king atop his throne of many precious things, many a hero attempted to take a chest full, a bag full, a hand full, but not a single coin was lost.” wide shot

Scene 2

  1. There is a commotion down by the sea, gulls are playing hell, a storm of feathers and sound, maybe a stranded whale or washed up giant jellyfish, brought to shore by the storm wide shot
  2. but Ivor senses something else close-up shot
  3. the gulls are not scavenging, they seem frightened, fleeing. medium shot
  4. Taking to the air full body shot
  5. he is soon circling above the noise wide shot
  6. below he sees close-up shot
  7. blood and feathers, the remains of many gulls, feasted upon. ultra wide shot
  8. The trail of feathers disappears into the evergreen forest wide shot
  9. he searches with his powerful eagle like eyes for what lurks within. He can only sense something strange hiding in the darkness. close-up shot
  10. “Through the forest she stalks”, like a blue snake in a pit of green, the terrain unknown to her, she senses she is “far far away from home”. full body shot

Scene 3

  1. In his cave Ivor paces back and forth, “anticipating the arrival of a strange dragon, foreign to these lands”, he fears the unknown wide shot
  2. he returns to his throne on top of the glistening hoard, breathing deeply, he lays to rest medium shot
  3. his senses alert, his hunger growing. close-up shot
  4. “No longer the masters of these forests”, bears and wolves flee in fear wide shot
  5. their dens torn open and those inside feasted upon medium shot
  6. as the silent blue dragon slinks through the forest regaining it’s strength. medium shot
  7. Ivor roars, inhaling, gathering breath deeply, chest full the full force of his lungs burst from his mouth, carrying a strong gaseous breath, exploding into a blast of fire medium shot
  8. loosening rocks,  the stone surface melts into a solid lava wall, stopping those that would seek to steal the wealth within. wide shot

Scene 4

  1. Leaving the trees and stepping into the long grass, slowly approaching the mountain ultra wide shot
  2. “Shaan senses a presence within”, a great power, fear and attraction, she cannot resist the urge. medium shot
  3. Waking startled, sensing something, very strange and getting closer, his fear overpowering, now feeling trapped in his self made prison, “he must face his fear the threat of the unknown outside”.close-up shot
  4. Suddenly an explosion of rocks and dust from above medium shot
  5. bouncing down the face and narrowly missing Shaan, as she slowly makes her way up the mountain face. wide shot
  6. Ivor bursts out from his cave medium shot

Scene 5

  1. smelling the air, he can smell her strong odour coming from below, taking to the air and circling, spotting the blue dragon, his enemy below. close-up shot
  2. The gulls and eagles circle overhead, they sense that blood might soon be spilt. ultra wide shot
  3. Looking up Shaan sees Ivor, hovering far above medium shot
  4. she launches off the cliff face, still weak, but filled with fear and adrenaline, she dives down close-up shot
  5. seeing her take to the air Ivor dives after her, screeching medium shot
  6. death dealing talons seeking their prey. close-up shot
  7. Shaan rolls in mid air, medium shot
  8. narrowly avoiding Ivor’s lightning attack, he overshoots. medium shot
  9. Using all her energy she flies up to the cave, “she cannot face Ivor, who will fight to the death to protect what is hidden in the cave, but she has been drawn here for another purpose”. medium shot
  10. She enters the cave, where the power lays, a sacredness within. wide shot
  11. Cautiously Ivor enters the cave, that unmistakable smell again, close-up shot
  12. somewhere above. wide shot
  13. Exhausted, her claws locked onto the rocks close-up shot
  14. silent and alert, she watches as Ivor sits on his golden throne, smoke billowing from his nostrils as he angrily searches for her. ultra wide shot
  15. As they both wait, in silence, the days pass, (both dragons in view)  wide shot
  16. then weeks (camera sees all the dark cave) ultra wide shot
  17. months, neither making the first move, slowly calm grows and fear lessens, (camera looking back at the mountain, the moon and sun cycle around) all mountain shot
  18. “both hungry, starving, remaining still” (they are like stone) shot from Ivor’s view

Scene 6

  1. suddenly Shaan drops, splashing down onto the great treasure mound wide shot
  2. gold coins and precious jewels cascade down to the cave floor close-up shot
  3. Ivor opens an eye and looks at Shaan close-up shot
  4. he approaches her carefully, her breathing is slow and heavy, hunger has taken all her strength. wide shot

Scene 7

  1. the two farmers frozen stare at mount Gough, as smoke billows from the top, the whole mountain shakes. ultra wide shot
  2. George the farmer grabs his mobile phone and tap in 999medium shot
  3. Llewellyn takes a photo and immediately posts it online, “the internet is instantly ablaze with talk of impending doom.”desktops, mobiles and other types of screen shots
  4. Ivor sends stream after stream of blue hot fire into the precious mound and rocks medium shot
  5. Shaan spirals and twists creating a whirlwind of energymedium shot
  6. which drills down through the molten rock, into the hard crust below close-up shot
  7. the entire cave is now a swamp of fire and plasma wide shot
  8. the precious mound slowly melts, merging into one medium shot
  9. focusing all their attention on creating the most immense molten sea the two dragons intensify their energywide shot
  10. the Goddess of Nature focuses on their atoms fusing them with the molten larva. close up shot, somehow describing this
  11. A helicopter news crew hovers over the mountain, wide shot
  12. the world looks on through screens entrancedmedium shot
  13. slowly quiet returns, the ground becomes still again medium shot 
  14. after several days the smoke dissipates, people return to their lives. ultra wide shot
  15. The dragon spirits drift from the mountainmedium shot
  16. they twist, and merge, dive and rise close up
  17. fading into each other and the world. ultra wide shot